Boise Boudoir Studio|Snapshots by Jolene
I’ve been shooting a ton of sessions in my new Boise boudoir studio!  I’m so appreciative when a client is willing to let me share some of her images.  I always say the hardest part of boudoir photography is that I rarely get to show off my gorgeous girls!  I get it, it’s private and usually only meant for a significant other’s eyes.  So when I do get to share some it just makes me so happy and excited!  Even if I don’t get to show how gorgeous her face is. 😉  Here’s a few images from my most recent boudoir session.  Thank you for letting me share some, you know who you are!!   See more of my Boise boudoir studio photos at the link below: Boise Boudoir Photos
Snapshots by Jolene|Boise Boudoir
I’ve been having so much fun shooting in my new space!
Boudoir Studio| Boise Boudoir Photographer
I’ve moved from my studio in BODO!  While I loved it and it worked well for me the last 3 years, I’m excited for this new change!  I’ll now be working from my home boudoir studio located in Meridian.  I’ve been loving it!!!  I’m booking boudoir sessions now Monday-Friday 8am-3pm (these are Summer hours and will change later in the year) and keeping weekends open for family sessions only.   Take a peek inside…
Boise Boudoir Special|Boise Boudoir Photographer
I'm running a great special for my boudoir sessions this month. If you book a session in January you get $50 off your session fee and 4 extra images in your album!
Valentines Day Boudoir|Boise Boudoir Photographer
It’s almost CHRISTMAS!!! Have you thought about VALENTINES DAY? I know sounds crazy BUT I will be out of town January 16th-23rd which means if you want to do a boudoir session for your sweetie availability is limited! Album turn around time is about a week so the latest I’m able to schedule and still have your gift in time is January 31st. Get in touch with me asap to schedule your session! 😉 Valentines Day Boudoir Boise
Endless Glow|Boise Boudoir Photographer
Happy Monday blog readers!  Just a short announcement…  Endless Glow By Kami and I have joined forces this summer! I’m excited to get you the hook up for a safe, natural, beautiful tan. Who doesn’t love that?! Kami does custom spray tans from her cute tanning room in Meridian. All summer long, if you book a spray with her for your boudoir session with me you’ll get double the photos in your boudoir album (a $20 savings). Go check out her site for more info about her and Endless Glow at boise boudoir photographer
Bridal Boudoir|Boise Boudoir Photographer
It’s no secret I LOVE boudoir.  I’ve been doing a ton already this year, and this is one I’m able to share with you.  Yay!  Some lucky groom is going to get the best gift ever!
Boudoir Stunner|Boise Boudoir Photographer
Here is my latest boudoir session that I’m able to share with you.  I have no words for how stunning she is and how much fun we had!  She is a mother of two beautiful children and a bride to be!   The session was shot in my studio on a gorgeous sunny day so we were able to play around with the light… LOVE!  Thanks to Faces by Delila for being the ever amazing MUA.  I have a feeling her honey is going to be speechless when he sees her album!! 😉    
Boudoir Love|Boise Boudoir Photographer
I’ve been doing soooo many great boudoir sessions lately!!  While many of my gorgeous ladies prefer to have their images kept private (which I completely support and honor) these lovely ladies let me share! 😀 Here’s my favorite image from my most recent sessions.  I LOVE them both!  Can I also say that these sessions are the most fun I’ve ever had… EVER!  I missed these girls the day after we shot, no kidding they were such a blast.  I’m still booking sessions for February and into March so be sure to contact me if you’d like to book before wedding season starts and I’m crazy busy!    
Boudoir Studio|Boise Boudoir Photographer
I guess it’s time I post some photos of my studio! (I’ve only been in it since July, I’m not a procrastinator or anything ;)) Take a look!  Isn’t she cute?  I’m the first and only boudoir studio in town (as far as I know).  My studio is located right in BODO on the third floor of the Northrop Building.  I’m in the same building as Solid, Liquid, Fresh Off The Hook, Bodo Chiropractic, Blush by Jamie Rose and more.  Chic Bridal Boutique is just next door and Bodovino is a great new wine hang out just across the street.  There’s sooooo much to see and do on my block it’s crazy! If you’re a client of mine, or a future client, chances are you’ll be meeting me here.  My studio is strictly for shooting boudoir sessions (hence the pretty little bedroom set up), meeting engaged couples, picking up orders, and viewing your galleries.   I’m there by appointment only but if you’re in the area and want to come check it out or grab a coffee and chat just contact me and I’ll make it happen.