Boise Family|Snapshots by Jolene
A few of my favorites, the photos and the subjects.  I have the most beautiful nephew.  Just saying!    
Boise Family Photos|Snapshots by Jolene
I recently took some Boise family photos of this adorable family and their newest little member!  Shooting in clients homes is something I just love.  So personal, candid, and special.  I’ve known this gorgeous momma for a long long time.  I won’t give away our age but let’s just say it was before cell phones were in schools.  I love seeing clients year after year and watching their family grow!  Makes me so happy.
Stagers|Boise Family Photography
It seems these guys add another adorable kid to their brood every other year!  I don’t blame them. Boise Family Photography
Rue|Boise Lifestyle Photographer
This one just makes my heart swell.  So so so beautiful. Boise Lifestyle Photographer
Soares Family |Boise Family Photographer
This little guy was such a doll!  Such a sweet family, and brave to work with me early morning since it was getting cold already when we shot this.  You can’t tell they’re having fun or anything can you? 😉 Boise Family Photographer
Lowry Family|Boise Family Photographers
I could hang with this family every. single. day. <3 Boise Family Photographers
Alyssa’s Family|Eagle Family Photographer
Oh man I remember this one!  Those little turkeys were so silly and little miss blue eyes wanted nothing to do with me haha! Eagle Family Photography
Sweet Bristol|Boise Family Photographer
I don’t even have words for how adorable this family is!!  I’ve been lucky enough to work with these guys many times.  I’ve captured their engagement, wedding, pregnancy, and now their beautiful daughter.  That little face is just darling! Julia Davis Family Photos, Julia Davis Park Boise, Boise Family Photographer
Video Sessions|Idaho Family Photographer
Some exciting news!!  I’m now offering 1-2 minute home video style clips of your family session. This will be an add on to my normal family sessions starting this Fall!  A beautiful video that captures the fun, silliness, and love that sometimes gets missed in a still photograph. Something tangible to keep forever!  View video below and make sure to watch in HD.  For more info email me at [email protected] Idaho Family Photographer
Look who’s one|Boise Family Photographer
I. Can’t. Even!!!!  My adorable nephew just turned one and I can’t believe it!!  It was impossible for me to narrow these photos down any more than I already did.  My favorite thing about looking at these is I know him and I love him.  I know all his little faces and sounds.  When he’s shy, when he’s being silly, when he’s blowing flowers, when he’s reaching for mom, when he’s tired or content.  He’s just my favorite little guy and I’m so proud of the smart, sweet child he is and know his parents are too! Boise Family Photographer